Emergency Auto Glass Repair
For Any Make And Model Car!

Auto Glass Repair

If you see a chip or ding in your glass, it costs less and it’s easier to repair the glass now than wait until that ding becomes a crack and the whole glass needs to be replaced.


Global Auto Glass will repair glass in any of our facilities in the area, or our expert technicians will come to you. Call us now at (954) 874-8342 if you need an auto glass service in Fort Lauderdale area!


Damage can be caused by a number of reasons, such as:


  • Flying Gravel
  • Debris from trucks
  • Any hard object hitting the glass
  • Things falling on your windshield


Replacing the entire piece of glass is definitely preventable, even if the causes of damage are not. When you get to it early, a solution can be put on, that strengthens the area around the chip or ding, so that it doesn’t crack.


Global Auto Glass is dedicated to supply the best glass solutions to prevent further damage. We’ll even give you a 10% discount on your first auto glass repair with us!


Our friendly customer service agents at Global Auto Glass are on stand by, to take your call and help any time. Just call us at (954) 874-8342!